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Locatio tag, construction, profastbuild. house renovation , home extension


Balham High Rd

Locatio tag, construction, profastbuild. house renovation , home extension


Locatio tag, construction, profastbuild. house renovation , home extension

- Pitch Roof Side Extension
- Loft Conversation 
- House Refurbishment

Project Overview

Located along the prestigious Balham Road, a tale of architectural refinement unfolds with our latest project—a Side Pitched Extension, where the fusion of modernity and timeless charm captivates.

A masterpiece of design, the Side Pitched Extension boasts a facade of full glass, revealing a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The exposed brick side wall adds an artisanal touch, infusing character into the contemporary canvas.

The pitched roof, a celestial expanse of full glass, serves as a testament to our commitment to natural illumination. Sunlight dances through, orchestrating a harmonious play of light and shadow within, transforming each space into a luminous sanctuary.

Ascend to newfound luxury with the Loft Conversion—a grandeur retreat where a spacious master bedroom takes centre stage. Incorporating an ensuite bath and a thoughtfully designed storage area, this haven epitomizes opulence, offering both comfort and sophistication.

The loft area transcends the ordinary with an inspired design, featuring a grand opening that invites the outside world in. Natural light floods the space, and when open, a gentle breeze whispers through, creating an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity.

This transformative journey, from conception to completion, spanned a meticulous six months. Every detail, every nuance, reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring a residence that stands as a testament to bespoke luxury and architectural finesse.

As we unveil the culmination of this exquisite project on Balham Road, we invite you to explore a residence where each architectural element narrates a story of posh refinement. 

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